Flashing Lenovo A316i smartphone via SP Flash Tools

There are often situations when you need Lenovo A316i firmware. This may be required for several reasons. Most often due to junk files that accumulate. Frequent downloading and viewing of content leads to the fact that the system begins to slow down. In addition, there is a chance of picking up viruses. You can try to treat and clean the device with third-party applications, such as antiviruses or cleaners. But the easiest way is to just reinstall the software, like Windows on a PC.

Preparing the device for firmware

Before you begin the process itself, you should carry out a number of preparatory steps.

First, you need to backup all files on your smartphone. It is recommended to copy all music, photos and videos to a flash drive, and link applications to your account. This will not only save all important data, but also quickly return your smartphone to the state you are already familiar with.

You also need to download a USB flash drive for Lenovo A316i. This is a program that installs firmware on smartphones with MTK processors. Installing it is very easy, just find the download file on the Internet, download and install it like a regular computer program.

In addition to the flashing tool, you must have the official firmware downloaded for the Lenovo A316i. It is recommended to purchase it from the manufacturer’s website or from trusted resources that specialize in this.

Root rights

If you want to get root access, you can use the universal program Rookthp Pro 3.2 , download here . Instructions for using the program can be found here. We can also recommend ZYKUroot version 2.2 among the universal ones. You can find out information about it at zykuroot.info We won’t talk about more popular programs, the same Kingo and Framaroot are always popular, although they are losing ground a little

A small update to the article dated June 8, 2021:

This update concerns universal options for unlocking the bootloader, flashing firmware and speeding up Android smartphones. You need to know that unlocking the bootloader is only possible through a computer and is not possible through .apk applications , no matter what some authors on the sites invent.

FAQ in simple words:

What is a bootloader? The bootloader is responsible for starting and loading the operating system, as well as the Recovery Menu. That is, it is a very important element.

Why unlock the bootloader?

  • Installing custom Recovery
  • Patches and operating system updates.
  • System backup and other features

Will the warranty be void if the bootloader is unlocked?

No, if the phone is in working condition.

Will OTA updates work after unlocking?

Yes, they will.

What to do if the “cannot request parameter” error appears?

Try using the old USB 2.0 instead of USB 3, this usually solves the problem, the reason is unknown.

  1. Firmware without unlocking the bootloader on a smartphone. All this can be accomplished in a couple of clicks; for this purpose, enthusiasts have created the appropriate software that is installed on the computer.
  2. Cleaning and speeding up the mobile device (we are testing the application without advertising).

Installing drivers

For the flash drive to work correctly, you need to install drivers for the Lenovo A316i. They also need to be downloaded online.

After you download the drivers, you will need to install them. To do this, you need to go to “Device Manager”, connect the turned off smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. After a couple of moments, you will see an unidentified device appear in the list. You need to have time to right-click on the inscription before it disappears. If you managed to catch it, then go to “Properties”; if not, then disconnect the phone and reconnect it.

In “Properties” there will be a tab with driver update, in which you need to select the update method by specifying the location. Do you remember where you downloaded the driver file? Specify the path and the drivers will be installed on your PC. During this process, the smartphone must be turned off at all times.

Why update the firmware on Android

The reasons are different for everyone, the main thing is that in new firmware the manufacturer corrects bugs and shortcomings.

  • There is a problem with the front or rear camera.
  • There is a problem with the display response, or more specifically, with the response speed.
  • I would like to understand what the new Android is.
  • I'm tired of the old version of Android and want to expand its functionality.
  • The smartphone does not turn on or is terribly glitchy.
  • The phone stopped charging.

Firmware via SP Flash Tools

After these preparations, you can begin the software update process itself. Flashtool flashtool Lenovo A316i is the most effective method, but also somewhat dangerous. If you click the wrong thing in this program, you can turn your smartphone into a “brick,” so strictly follow the instructions.

So, let's launch the USB flash drive. It is advisable to do this as an administrator. After this, you need to find the “Scatter Loading” tab, with which you specify the path to the file with the firmware.

There will be various checkboxes on the right side of the program. You need to uncheck the box next to “Preloader”. When you have done this, you can click on the “Download” button. This must be done before connecting the smartphone to the PC.

After you click on the download button, the program will wait for your phone to connect to your computer. You need to connect your smartphone with it turned off. After connecting, the Lenovo A316i firmware will begin immediately.

During the software installation process, you should never pull out the cable from your computer or smartphone, and you should also not press any buttons on the smartphone itself.

You will see a red and then a blue line begin to appear in the program. After this, another yellow line will appear, when it reaches the end, a green circle will appear, which will notify the successful completion of the process.

How to flash Lenovo A316i

Installation and updating can be done with your own hands using programs for firmware, free of charge, the links contain both original, that is, stock, official (not modified), and custom firmware, that is, alternative, all with instructions.

  1. First you need to download the firmware by selecting one of the options below. Along with it in the archive is the necessary set of programs (TWRP and others).
  2. Then extract the file “instructions_rootgadget.txt” from the archive. Using the archiver program...
  3. The firmware file contained in the zip archive must be downloaded to a memory card or smartphone memory.
  4. For other information and sequence of actions, see the text instructions.

Lenovo A316i firmware

Choose what you like, but it is best to download the most modern versions, they have more optimized energy consumption and other joys of life.

  • Android Pie 9.0 is a flagship OS, one might say, but still a little unfinished. URL: yourtopfile.info/android9pie
  • 8.0 Oreo is an excellent option, with a minimum of bugs and rich functionality, but version 9 is certainly better. URL: yourtopfile.info/android8oreo
  • 7.0 Nougat is a stable version in all respects, it works even on low-power hardware. URL: yourtopfile.info/android7nougat
  • 6.0 Marshmallow - versions 5 and 6 are already really old, although they were once the pinnacle of progress. But if you switch to them from versions 3 or 4, then of course the difference is very noticeable. URL: yourtopfile.info/android6
  • Android 10 URL: yourtopfile.info/android10
  • Android 11 URL: yourtopfile.info/android11

Lenovo A316i firmware ROW_S032_140112 for SP Flash Tool (From PC)

FAQ on firmware from FoxtrotKZ:

Attention!!! When uploading via SP_FT, all data on the INTERNAL card will be erased, save what you need .

Firmware via SP Flash Tool: Before flashing, carefully read the instructions Firmware via SP Flash Tool (hereinafter referred to as FT) This is uploading “Firmware” using a program specially designed for this.

What you need for this: USB cable for data transfer MediaTek USB VCOM driver there are two types inside the SP Flash Tool archive (all my firmware for FT already contain it) It is recommended to use FT which is in the archive

Installing drivers 1. Turn off the phone. After this, perform a reset, there are different options for different models: a) remove the battery and insert it after a few seconds (and do not turn on the phone). b) remove the battery and do not insert it c) press the “Reset” button (for tablets) etc...

2. First of all, you need to install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers. You need to open the Windows Device Manager. Connect the turned off phone to the computer via a USB cable. With the Volume button held down «

In the Windows “Device Manager”, when the “Unknown device” appears, click “Right Mouse Button” on it and select “Update drivers”, then specify the path to the drivers.

Some devices appear “unknown” for a very short time, during which you need to have time to install the drivers. If it doesn’t work, do it again from step 1 .

3. Disconnect your phone from your PC.

Firmware for all files: 4. Launch the SP Flash Tool, then click the “Scatter loading” to load the desired scatter file (MT6582_scatter_xxxxxx.txt, depending on what kind of phone you have) for your device, you can ignore any messages that may appear . Be sure to check the box “ DA DL All With Check Sum

5. Turn off your phone. Reset by repeating step 1

6. Click the "Download" button and connect your phone to your computer via a USB data cable. With the Volume button held down «

7. The initialization process will begin and a red progress bar will appear. After this, the “Volume - ” button can be released.

Once the red bar has passed, a purple progress bar will appear.

Immediately after the purple bar (or maybe also green), the download will begin (you will see a yellow progress bar).

When the yellow bar fills the progress bar (or maybe also blue or gray), you will receive a pop-up window with a green circle and the inscription OK, which means that the process has completed successfully.

Now you can disconnect your phone from your PC and turn it on. Before turning it on, it is advisable to remove and reinsert the battery, or press “Reset”.

Firmware for one or more modules (for example mod recovery) !!!! If you want to upload only part of the “Firmware” or another module of the same size, this is possible. BUT within the same “Firmware” it must already be installed in the device, otherwise you will receive an appropriate warning (in English) and the upload will not work.

7. In the example shown, only recovery is loaded. Uncheck all the boxes except one (RECOVERY), and then click the “Download” .

A warning will appear because not all files are selected, this is normal. Click Yes to continue.

The download of the selected file (section) will begin and after a yellow stripe a pop-up window will appear with a green circle and OK.

Please note: If you upload PRELOADER and DSP_BL from someone else's (not your brand) firmware into the device, you risk getting a “Brick”. Also, uploading someone else's Firmware can erase the calibration data in your device - you will get a poorly functioning phone. FoxtrotKZ .

How to flash Android via Recovery

Moving directly to the process of installing the firmware itself, I would like to say that all unofficial files of the Android operating system, created directly by users of certain devices, should be installed at your own peril and risk. If, however, the decision is made to install a non-native version of the software, you should make sure that the firmware is “written” specifically for the phone that you plan to reflash.

If we are talking about stock firmware, then you should not bother installing CWM Recovery or TWRP. All manipulations that need to be done are limited to downloading the factory firmware file and placing it on an external memory card. After this, the process is similar to installing custom “Recovery”. That is, you need to go to the stock “Recovery” menu, select “Apply update from external storage”, then specify the firmware file directly and confirm the action. After the process is completed, you need to take one more step that will help avoid freezes and glitches when turning on and operating the device. Immediately after the firmware is completed, you need to select the “Wipe data/factory reset” menu item and confirm the action. This will clear information about previous software and files that were present on the device before the firmware process.

After completing these steps, you must select the “Reboot system now” menu item. The device will reboot and the process of setting up the smartphone from scratch will begin. If the switching process takes a long time and the device logo “hangs”, it’s worth remembering whether the settings reset item was performed after flashing.

Firmware installation

Before starting the main actions, you need to take care of the possibility of rolling back the system to the factory level. After all, until you try the updated version in practice, it is difficult to understand what it is. Then you need to proceed directly to the actions themselves. Firmware for Lenovo a316i requires the smartphone itself, a cable and a computer. Updates are installed via SP FLASH TOOL. It is advisable to give preference to the latest version. Then you need to download the firmware itself, as well as drivers suitable for the phone model you are using.

The user will have to decide which version of the firmware to use: custom or official. Both can be found on the Internet. Also, when choosing, you need to pay attention to such an important fact as the characteristics of the firmware for which it is made. Situations often arise when the smartphone model is the same, but the characteristics differ.

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